He who dares to teach must never cease to learn

Today a student called me “mom.”

And not by accident. I asked her to do something and she said, “Geesh okay maahhm-uh.” 

Offended? Not in the least. It actually made me crack up. 

Back to (summer) school

Hellllllo. Today marked the end of my two week vacation from everything school, even this blog. :X 

But now I am back at it, in the summer school mode, which - after the first day - seems to be 100 times more laid back than the school year. I am not sure if it is because the excitement of summer has worn off or that the mood of the students is brought instantly lower with the words “summer school,” but both the kids and teachers seemed to enjoy their two week cool off. And begrudgingly, the students are coming around. (I literally had to coax a hesitant student into class today.) 

I am going to be the paraprofessional that floats around to all three classes (Language Arts, Science, and Math) with the 5th graders. I am excited about this because it will give me an opportunity to really get to know a new group of kids in this short time and hopefully be there to help them throughout the day. 

Oh and did I mention? I have a job interview for the fall. Any prayers or positive energy you want to send my way would be greatly appreciated!! 


Also, this article discusses a lot of the things teachers and parents have been saying here about this “moving up ceremony.”

I like the point that says:

"Marking the end of the starter years can be as important as a high school or even college ceremony to families that don’t have a tradition of academic progress, said Aara Davis-Jones, principal of Silver Spring’s Georgian Forest Elementary. At her school, one of Montgomery County’s poorest, with 75 percent of pupils on free or reduced-cost meals, many parents are recent immigrants who are thrilled to see their children with a certificate in hand."

No, graduating middle school or elementary school is not the same as finishing your undergraduate degree. But in some respects, surviving middle school might be harder than we adults like to remember.

And I say that hard work deserves recognition. And these kids deserve some!

Last night I watched my seventh graders at their moving up ceremony. I have only known these kids since January, but I feel like I have never been so proud.

I can only imagine what it will be like when I am lucky enough to have my own classroom.

Half day today, half day tomorrow.

End of school.

Kind of sad! I wish I could move up with these kids as a teacher!

Survived Field Day

Only got dunked in the teacher dunk tank about… five times. It was a lot of fun!

Tonight is our student’s moving up ceremony (high school starts at 8th grade here, so it is the end of middle school for these kids) and then tomorrow and Thursday are half days. Thursday is the last day of school!! (Also my birthday!)

One thing is for sure.. every single child is off the wall, bonkers, out of control excited for summer.

And me? Well, I’m just plain exhausted.

Can’t wait for my little two week break between regular school and summer school.

When students move thier lips while they read silently, it makes it really easy to call them out about texting during class. 

This field trip was to a botanical gardens where each group of kids had a camera and had to take pictures of certian things in nature. Then, when we got back to school, the students had to make a powerpoint using their pictures and were to properly label them. The first picture (of me looking back at the camera) showed up on my groups power point labled as “mammal - teacher.” 

A “Rap” Made by My Student

"Her name is Ms. Sava, 

She’s hotter than lava, 

and everyone knows her name, 

guess thats the price you pay for fame.” 

……thats as far as he got. 


Field Trip Tomorrow

(and Tuesday!) 

The whole grade is being spilt into two different days, but I’m actually going to the same place both days - a local park / garden where the kids will have a (science) assignment to take pictures of nature that they can connect to what they learned in class this year.

Should be interesting to have a group of 8 or 9 seventh graders at this point in the year… they are all crawling out of their skin and are dying to be done with school. 

But don’t worry, Ms. S will keep the kiddies in check :p

Releasing and rolling

Today I got to go visit some of my original student teaching kids in their science class while I was on my lunch break. We went outside to relase butterflies that they had raised from larva. It was a beautiful day and the kids were excited and restless, to say the least. So restless that some really just could not handle a gentle butterfly or the smell of a beautiful spring day without the want, need and desire to roll down the hill we were placed on top of. The begging came from multiple voices as my cooperating teacher just looked at me, laughed and shook her head, but ultimately said yes. My focus moved from chasing newly freed butterflies to groups of seventh graders (boys mostly) tumbling and tripping and falling and stumbling up and down the hill continuously for what was at least 10 minutes.
And it never got old. To me, who was watching, and to the students, were just so happy to have the chance to roll down that hill.
I think I was so amused because as I stood on top of that hill, watching Nikes and mopey-haired heads spin out of control, accompanied by a constant stream of laugher, I remembered that they really are just kids. Kids who, when placed atop a grassy hill on a sunny day, want to roll down it.